Video Shows Gurugram Men Bursting Crackers On Car’s Roof, Police Promises Strict Action

In the video, firecrackers are being seen ignited on the roof of a speeding car.

A video of firecrackers being set off from the roof of a moving car in Gurugram has surfaced on social media. The short clip which shows three cars driving down the road, with one of them igniting fireworks from the vehicle’s roof, has gone viral right after Diwali. The cars have no number plate, reportedly to avoid identification. 

In the video, firecrackers are being seen ignited on the roof of a speeding car. A man is also seen shouting and waving from the roof window of another car. According to the police, the incident took place in Sector 70 of Gurugram, in front of a mall. 

“On Diwali, the youth of Gurugram spread anarchy in the name of celebration, the youth of NCR have now become so clever that they are making videos by hiding the number plates of vehicles,” X page Greater Noida West wrote while sharing the video. 

Take a look below: 

Since being shared, the video has gone viral on social media. It even caught the attention of the Gurugram police, who have initiated an investigation into the incident. “Detailed information regarding this video is being obtained by Gurugram Police on the basis of which strict action will be taken against the culprits as per rules,” officials wrote on X

Separately, speaking to ANI, Varun Dahiya, ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) of Gurugram, said, “We are getting information through social media and other sources that some people are misusing their vehicles and creating nuisance on the road. They are bursting firecrackers in moving vehicles.”

“We are collecting information, and a strict investigation will be done against them. Multiple incidents have been reported, and we are collecting area-specific information through CCTVs and other sources, Mr Dahiya added. 

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Meanwhile, a similar incident took place in Tamil Nadu where a dangerous stunt involving firecrackers, performed by a motorcyclist in Trichy, prompted a police search for the individual. The incident captured on video showed the biker performing a wheelie – a manoeuvre where the front wheels of the motorcycle are raised in the air. Notably, firecrackers were attacked to the bike’s headlight and front number plate, detonating as the rider sped away with the front wheels raised. 

A case has been registered for negligent riding and endangering the personal safety of others.

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