Joe Biden, Xi Jinping’s Surprise Meet-And Greet At Key Summit

video has now emerged that shows Joe Biden going up to Xi Jingping

In their first in-person meeting in a year, US President Joe Biden met with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping last week in San Francisco.

Joe Biden praised “real progress” with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit last Thursday as they agreed to restore military-to-military communications in a bid to ease soaring tensions.

From photo-ops to moments from their meeting were widely shared on the internet. They were seen strolling through the gardens on the estate, chatting and smiling.

An undated video has now emerged that shows Joe Biden going up to Xi Jinping to shake hands.

In the video, Joe Biden is seen approaching Xi Jinping and shaking hands, with one hand on his Chinese counterpart.

The two world leaders met at the summit following months of intensive diplomatic efforts to lay the groundwork for this critical dialogue, amidst mounting tensions across a spectrum of issues, including trade, human rights, and the pandemic.

APEC is largely focused on trade, and groups countries as disparate as Muslim-majority Indonesia and the United States, Israel’s most important ally.

China routinely warns it will not budge on issues it considers “red lines,” such as Taiwan, a self-ruling island off its coast that Beijing claims as its own territory, and its expansion into the South China Sea.

But Washington and Beijing have recently made some progress on trade and economic relations as well as climate change talks.

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