IndiGo Faces Rs 70,000 Payout After Bengaluru Court Rules In Favor Of Couple’s Marred Vacation

A consumer court in Bengaluru recently ordered IndiGo airlines to compensate a couple with Rs 70,000 as their vacation in Port Blair was marred by a delayed delivery of their checked-in luggage.

In November 2021, a couple booked a trip with IndiGo from Bengaluru to Port Blair for a vacation. However, upon reaching their destination, they discovered that their checked-in luggage, containing essential items like clothing, medications, and ferry tickets, had not arrived in Port Blair. The couple faced significant inconvenience, as their baggage arrived more than two days later.

The complainant alleged that IndiGo had concealed the fact that the luggage was not loaded, despite being aware of the situation. The checked-in baggage eventually arrived on Nov. 2 but could not be delivered to the couple the same day, as the ferry through which it had to be transported had already departed to Havelock Island. The luggage was received by the couple on Nov. 3.

In response to the disruption of their vacation, the couple filed a complaint against IndiGo seeking compensation. They argued that the delay in receiving their luggage caused them irrecoverable injury and claimed that Indigo was aware of the non-loading of their baggage but did not inform them.

After a year, the couple approached a District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Bengaluru. On Sept. 26, the consumer court partly allowed their complaint, directing IndiGo to pay ₹70,000 within 45 days. 

The court also specified that if there is any delay in making the payment, the airlines would be liable to pay interest at the rate of 9% per annum.

The refund structure encompasses various components. IndiGo has been directed to remit ₹50,000 as compensation to the affected couple, in addition to disbursing ₹10,000 to address the mental distress endured by them. Furthermore, a sum of ₹10,000 is allocated to cover the litigation costs incurred by the couple during the legal proceedings.

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