India vs New Zealand live score over 1st Semi-Final ODI 31 35 updates

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34.6 overs (0 Run) A maiden out of nowhere by Mitchell Santner! This is quicker and flatter around off, Iyer hits it straight to the man at point.

34.5 overs (0 Run) Drifts this one in much fuller and onto middle, Shreyas Iyer defends it out.

34.4 overs (0 Run) Nicely bowled! Slows it up a few notches and serves it shorter outside off, the ball grips and turns as Shreyas Iyer is beaten on the cut shot.

34.3 overs (0 Run) Full and at the stumps again, Iyer pushes it back to Mitchell Santner.

34.2 overs (0 Run) Fires one in on middle and leg, looking to sneak it through but Iyer does well to keep it out on the off side.

34.1 overs (0 Run) Flatter delivery outside off, Shreyas Iyer stands tall and eases it with the turn toward point.

33.6 overs (0 Run) A tad bit short on middle, tucked away to square leg.

33.5 overs (1 Run) Back to over the wicket now and bowls it short on the pads, Shreyas Iyer glances it down through backward square leg for a run.

33.4 overs (6 Runs) SIX! Shreyas Iyer has only gotten better with every single game. Phillips comes from around the wicket and tosses this one up, Iyer advances down the track and lifts it dead straight over the bowler’s head for a biggie.

33.3 overs (1 Run) Tossed up on a length around off and turning in, Virat Kohli nudges it ’round the corner for one and becomes the all-time highest run-scorer in a single World Cup edition with 674 runs to his name, staggering from Virat.

33.2 overs (1 Run) Quicker and a touch shorter on middle and leg, Shreyas Iyer goes on the back foot and tucks it away to deep square leg for one more.

33.1 overs (1 Run) Bowls this one from wider of the crease and bowls it full on middle and leg. Virat Kohli clips it away in front of mid-wicket and collects a single.

32.6 overs (1 Run) On a good length around middle, pushed down to long on for an easy single.

32.5 overs (2 Runs) Devon Conway does really well in the deep! A touch slower again and on a length around off, Kohli waits a bit before getting his hands out in front and punching it well in front of sweeper cover. Conway speeds across to his right and pushes the ball before tumbling over the ropes and saves a couple of runs for his side.

32.4 overs (1 Run) Another slower one over middle, hit away down to long on for a single this time.

32.3 overs (6 Runs) SIX! Stand and deliver! Slower delivery, in and around the slot on off stump, Shreyas Iyer clears the front leg and just throws the kitchen sink at it. The ball goes high and over the fence at cow corner for a maximum.

32.2 overs (1 Run) Virat Kohli comes forward and pushes this shortish-length delivery down to long on for one more.

32.1 overs (1 Run) Bowled on a hard length and angled into the pads, Shreyas Iyer looks to whip it away but the ball comes slower off the deck and the shot is mistimed uppishly toward the vacant square leg region. They pick up a single.

31.6 overs (0 Run) Pulls the length back and bowls it onto middle and leg, Virat Kohli goes deep in his crease and nudges it behind square leg for no run. Just the boundary and a single off that over.

31.5 overs (0 Run) Tossed up again, on a length and at the stumps, this is tucked away straight to short mid-wicket.

31.4 overs (0 Run) This is tossed up on middle, Virat Kohli leans forward and pushes it toward mid on.

31.3 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! Deft touch from Kohli! A bit quicker and angling into the pads, Virat Kohli tickles it fine and the ball races away into the fine leg fence for a boundary.

31.2 overs (0 Run) Flighted delivery on middle, turning in, Virat Kohli uses his wrists to flick it down to short fine leg.

31.1 overs (1 Run) Floats it up very full on middle, Shreyas Iyer drives it down to long on for a single.

Drinks! New Zealand were able to pull things back a bit but Virat Kohli has changed gears after reaching his fifty and with nine wickets in hand, the hosts are all set to post a massive score on the board. The Kiwis need wickets and they need them right now. They will also hope to get a few breakthroughs in quick succession to put pressure on the hosts or else this game could get away from them very quickly. Also, Glenn Phillips to bowl after the break.

30.6 overs (1 Run) Fuller in length, slower too and angling into middle and leg, Shreyas Iyer eases it down to long on and picks up a single.

30.5 overs (0 Run) Banged in quick and hard outside off, Shreyas Iyer looks to take on the pull but gets it off the under edge down to short mid-wicket.

30.4 overs (1 Run) Another slower delivery, on a good length and over middle, Kohli waits and tucks it away in front of mid-wicket for a single.

30.3 overs (0 Run) Goes back to around the wicket and takes pace off, Virat Kohli fails to get it away.

30.2 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! Gets it through! Boult switches to over the wicket and bangs it in around off, angling it away. Virat Kohli just hangs back and dabs it down to the left of backward point and the ball beats short third as well before rolling away into the ropes.

30.1 overs (1 Run) On a hard length over off, angling in, Shreyas Iyer stands tall and punches it away square toward deep cover for a single.

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